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Notebook and Pen

Peer-Reviewed Articles

IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work

Perlo, Balik, Swensen, Kabcenell, Landsman, & Feeley, 2017

This white paper is intended to serve as a guide for health care organizations to engage in a participative process where leaders ask colleagues at all levels of the organization, “What matters to you?” — enabling them to better understand the barriers to joy in work, and co-create meaningful, high-leverage
strategies to address these issues. 

State of the American Workforce

Gallup, 2017

The report is based on Gallup’s in-depth research and study and was created to help business leaders optimize their attraction, retention, engagement and performance strategies in a time of extraordinary change. The findings and best practices speak to employees’ evolving wants and needs and give leaders a clear understanding of what it takes to be an exceptional workplace.

Re-Producing Rural Health: Challenging Dominant Discourses and the Manifestation of Power

Malatzy & Bourke, 2016

This paper calls for a re-framing of the field of rural health by promoting knowledge of its distinctiveness, the attractions of rural practice and the diversity of rural people. Such re-framing can challenge the dominantly produced discourses about rural health and shift the relations of power embedded in rural health's challenges.

Federally Qualified Health Center Clinicians & Staff Increasingly Dissatisfied With Workplace Conditions

Friedberg, Red, Timbie, Setodji, Kofner, Weidmer, & Kahn, 2017

While better working conditions for clinicians and staff could help improve primary care practice delivery systems and support primary care workforce in the US, this study found significant declines over time in measures of professional satisfaction, work environment, and practice culture within a national sample of FQHCs.

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