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Practices in Rural South Carolina Have Unique Needs 

The novel coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic has altered our economy, society, and healthcare system. While this crisis has presented the U.S. healthcare delivery system with unprecedented challenges, the pandemic has also catalyzed rapid adoption of telehealth, or the entire spectrum of activities used to deliver care at a distance. Furthermore, natural disasters and pandemics like COVID-19 are known to be traumatic and those with preexisting trauma exposure and mental health conditions are often at greater risk than the general population for long-term adverse health outcomes. Therefore, application of trauma-informed principles to telehealth care is critical and timely. This training aims to provide necessary education and best practices related to the integration of trauma-informed care in technology-based health and behavioral health practices.

We Hope to Be Part of a Statewide Collaborative Solution to Ensure That All SC Residents Have Fair and Equitable Access to Healthcare.

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This Training Aims To:


Training Dates



Online Webinar

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Identify how COVID-19 impacted health care delivery. Define rural, recruitment, & retention as it relates to interprofessional health services in SC


Identify at least three strategies to enhance retention efforts within respective agency


Establish at least one point of contact and/or acquire one new resource from another rural health professional


These online webinars/trainings will be conducted virtually at the University of South Carolina and will be available to everyone across the state!

For questions about training locations, please contact SC AHEC Coordinator Katelyn Bailey at

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